Collaboration With Preston Singletary

Pinning the border of the button robe – the design in the background is waiting to be cut out

Couple of years ago I asked my friend Preston Singletary if he had some images suitable for making button robes; I didn’t feel like designing any robes, I just felt like getting down to the nitty gritty and get going on sewing ’em!

Preston’s design of this robe is based on our legend “Raven Steals the Sun”, bringing light to the world.

with a wet cloth placed over the cut-out applique, the heat from the iron fuses the image to the robe body

Lily Hope helps her daughter Bette (SikiKwaan) Hope take out the basting threads

With the help of Lily and Bette in April, and later with my friend Lis Saya who helped lay out the buttons and sew them down, I finally finished this robe to this point by mid-JuneĀ  (though it still needs the circle of buttons about the body).

“Raven and the Sun” is a collaboration between designer by Preston Singletary and seamstress Clarissa Rizal — the robe is not quite finished; it still needs the circle of buttons that goes around the entire body of the Raven

The robe worn by a dancer