Excitement About Ravenstail Weaving

Catrina Mitchell from Juneau, Alaska winds the skein of weft onto the ball winder to create a ball of weft – working from a ball of weft is much easier to draw the yarn from than the skein…

A student of Ravenstail and Chilkat, Catrina Mitchell knows what she wants to do in the evenings and on the weekends this Fall and Winter into Spring:  Ravenstail weaving!  We’re excited!  Am I going to reveal WHAT she is weaving, for WHO and WHEN she wants it done?  NO.  Hello…That’s a secret!  It’s enough to know she is one of several women on a mission to complete her weaving(s) by Celebration 2014 next year. — For those of you who haven’t gotten started on your weaving; what are you waiting for?  Winter is coming!  Let’s get on the ball and have fun!  And let’s join for a Weavers’ dance and song next year!

Catrina has warped up her loom (or “dressed” her loom) – She wove her first row (called the “anchoring row”) and before she weaves her first 5 rows of white, she is now double-checking the length of each warp end making sure they are all the same length

Catrina is happy to remember how to do Jennie Thlunaut’s fingering for speed, accuracy, tension and most of all:  GRACE!

A perfect Weaver’s Tote! Each compartment has a purpose of its own – four distinct places for the four colors: black, white, yellow, blue – compartments for pen and small spiral-bound notebook – compartment for scissors, large-eye tapestry needles, cotton twine/sinew, and then some!