“Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn

“Ishmael” – a novel by Daniel Quinn — 1st published in 1992

I highly recommend this novel.  If there ever was a story that could help explain the differences between any of the Indigenous cultures around the world and the Western way of living, this is the story.  After the first 40 years of my life I evolved into becoming aware of the differences; writer Daniel Quinn explains it eloquently and he tells it like the way our elders would have:  through a written version of an “oral history” between a Gorilla and a man.

While escaping from the cold in Alaska and Colorado and healing at my friend’s home in the 80 degree warmth of Scottsdale, Arizona this past month, I had some time to actually read because I had to do what is called “bed rest.”  Doctor’s orders.   There are only a couple of things that can keep me in bed, and book-reading is one of them!  Since I was required to rest because of that past bout with Pneumonia, I raided my friend’s bookshelf!  Golly, what a feast!

I cannot remember the last time I created the luxury of reading books.  It’s been at least 4 or 5 years.   “Ishmael” kept me rested!

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