Additions To Our Lives

Clarissa’s four grandchildren, Bette, Louis Violet and Amelie – with another on its way due at end of July 2014

When we are young, we don’t think about the things middle-agedness and old-age may bring us.  We are thinking about getting through the day-by-day stuff and we may plan a little bit into the future maybe 5 years down the road.  The thoughts about preparing for being middle-aged and old-aged are the farthest things from our minds let alone taking action to prepare for it.  That’s like doing everything you can now to prepare for having the perfect experiences in having a baby and raising that kid!  uh-huh.  Live is an ever-changing, ever-learning experience as we grow up, plateau and then “grow-down.”  We learn as we go.

I thought that possibly I would have grandchildren but I really didn’t know what that would look like, nor did I know how I would feel once these kids came into being.  With the addition of these young souls in my life, I’m doing things right now to help provide me with the feeling that I have the time to truly be with my kids.  I say “feeling” because much of the time, when I am with them, I might be there in person, but because I am a full-time artist and the income I make is entirely from my art business, I’m always thinking of my work.  (And all of you who have been a full-time, self-employed artist know exactly what I am talking about—-we do not have the luxury of leaving the office and the rest of the night or weekend is free—-that’s because we ARE the office and we carry our business mind-set wherever we go!).

So for me to FEEL the freedom of truly hanging out with my grandchildren, I’ve got to know that every month my bills will be paid.  That is hard to do with sporadic income.  So I am making attempts to diversify my income.  Diversification doesn’t mean that I will quit doing art for income; it means that I am adding other ways to make income.

Like I said, I am making additions to my life so that I can feel the freedom of truly being with the greatest of all my additions:  my grandchildren!