Order Chilkat Warp For Your Next Project or Class

A ball of Chilkat warp (still in the process of being spun) and in the background prepared strands of wool

A couple of friends of mine are providing the service of spinning warp for all you Chilkat and Ravenstail weavers who don’t have the time (nor the inclination?) to spin warp for yourselves.  Place your orders now to be placed on our schedule.

The definition of e.p.i. – “ends per inch”

PRICES:  Chilkat warp – $2.65/yard     Ravenstail warp – $2.25/yard      (Prices do not include shipping, handling and insurance)

ESTIMATED AMOUNTS FOR PROJECTS (varies according to size of project and size of warp) – below are estimates of yards using the standard size of 10epi:

*  Chilkat or Ravenstail robe – 1000 yards

*  Chilkat or Ravenstail apron – 250 to 300 yards

*  Chilkat or Ravenstail leggings –  200 – 250 yards

*  Chilkat or Ravenstail bag – 60 to 100 yards

*  Chilkat or Ravenstail headband – 80- 100 yards

*  Chilkat or Ravenstail pouch – 30 – 50 yards

Standard sizes of Chilkat warp – Ravenstail warp is spun the same but without the cedar bark

You may place your orders for Chilkat and Ravenstail warp by either emailing me (clarissa@www.clarissarizal.com) or giving me a call (970-903-8386 – and yes indeed the area code is 970).

We will also be creating a “warp bank” – we are optimistic that we can keep it continually stocked for sudden immediate requests!

In the near future, we  will open a “Chilkat Store” on my website to provide Chilkat and Ravenstail products including Chilkat and Ravenstail warp, weft yarns, various size weaving looms and bags, simple weaving kits, spinning supplies, etc. Currently, I am in the process of recruiting the spinners, dye-ers, woodworkers, etc.

We will keep you posted to our progress!  In the meantime, Happy Weaving!


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  1. I look forward to the Chlikat store! I enjoy reading all of your blogs and all the tips and tricks of the trade!
    You have very beautiful work!!!