Ravenstail Border for a Button Blanket Robe

The completed Ravenstail border for Israel Shotridge’s button blanket robe

Sue Shotridge is sewing a button robe for her husband, Tlingit artist Israel Shotridge, in time for the opening ceremonies of the Chief Shakes’ Clan House Renovation project in Wrangell, Alaska the weekend of May 3rd, 2013.  They wanted something special for his button robe; this is it!

The preliminary drawing of the pattern for the border incorporating “Shaman’s Eyes” and “Bear Tracks”

The “bear tracks” pattern is an old traditional pattern; the ‘shaman’s eyes’ pattern was designed by my daughter, Lily Hope, which is a take-off on an old traditional pattern as well.

“Bear Tracks” pattern woven two ways – courtesy of the Ravenstail Weavers Guild booklet entitled “Ravenstail Weaving Patterns and Projects – Ancient and Contemporary” – can be purchased at Hearthside Books in Juneau, Alaska

Close-up of the “bear tracks” on top with “shaman’s eyes” below

Clarissa’s completed Ravenstail border on the weaving loom in front of the Chilkat robe she is presently weaving

The completed border will be attached to the button robe that Sue Shotridge is finishing for her husband, Israel – in time for the dedication ceremony of the Chief Shakes’ clan house renovation next weekend of May 3rd in Wrangell, Alaska