“Resilience” Chilkat-Robe-Progress-Update: Completed Borders

The right corner of the Chilkat robe – the top border of yellow is completed – 26 hours later…!  So far so good, I am on track…!

26 hours to complete the yellow border and the 5 strands of braids at the bottom of the border – those hours are in between the hours of this particular Fall, winterizing the house/studio, nor coordinating the Weavers’ Gathering demonstration at the Clan Conference, nor babysitting grand-children, nor painting a donation piece, nor spinning warp for a Chilkat/Ravenstail pouch for another donation, nor cleaning and organizing the studio for another round of intense work until June, nor the daily routine of eating, sleeping, and taking care of my body.

I am far from lazy, from from being bored, far from being a “kept woman” and far from taking a vacation any time soon!  All I do though, I LOVE to do; I have a lot of love in my life – all the things I do I love, all the things I be, I love.   I realize I spend most of my day “in love.”   There isn’t much time in the day spent on things I do not love.  I’ve been this way a long time.  Even though I may not act like it sometimes, I give thanks every morning no matter what my mood, and I give thanks every night as I put my “home” to bed.  It’s been my unspoken way of appreciation and gratitude.

Nobody needs to know any of this  though I share it here with you, the reader.  Why?  Because some day some time long past me posting this blog entry, I may read this again years later, because in a way this blog is like my work diary.  I used to keep track of all my work via hard-copy photographs placed in a plastic sleeve with pages of notes on the current project at hand…I’ve got shelves of my work all categorized in big 3-ring binders on shelves I had built to take the weight of it all.  Now my recordings have gone virtual with the blog site.  I may read this entry years later and it is a reminder of who I have been, where I was at, and I get to compare it with who I am on that future date!

My work lives in the future.  My system, my entire way of thinking is mainly in the future.  So this blog serves as a vehicle to contain the present-day work and adventures for eventual past reflection.  When I am real old and I look upon my past, I intend to enjoy myself and others all over again!