Retreating to KVI Beach House on Vashon

Balls of Chilkat warp and bundles of split cedar enjoy a great view from the upper deck of the KVI Beach House in Vashon Island, Washington State

While standing inside the dining room window, I shot this image of Melissa and Sue – two strong-willed, organized, power-packed women who are still busy doing business while we make an effort to relax at this wonderful beach house retreat!

Sue Shotridge insisted that she, Mellisa Rinehart and I take a two-day retreat to this wonderful beach house on Vashon.  She INSISTED and she was PATIENT with my initial responses of “what for…?”  She had to explain that I was an extreme “Type A” personality who after taking a three-month weaving tour at my age, needed a break.  She also needed a break and she wanted to talk with Melissa and I about the logistics of hosting a week-long weaving retreat next year in September at this beach house.  We relaxed while doing business.  What a wonderful concept!  I intend on conducting business this way more often!

Melissa and Sue take photos while heading down the hillside to the beach (just a couple of stones throw away from the house)…

KVI Beach House – from the beach

close up of KVI Beach House – from the beach…

Clarissa demonstrates to Melissa how to split and prepare the wool roving for spinning with cedar bark to create Chilkat warp

I taught Melissa how to spin her own warp so that a year from now when we do the weaving retreat, she will have enough warp to do a large project or several small ones.  We spun while Sue took notes planning the weaving retreat.

Clarissa demonstrates how to groom balls of warp to Melissa, an attentive student indeed!

A perfect stage for relaxing while spinning warp for our next weavings…!

Check out more photos and information of the KVI Beach House at:

Stay tuned for an announcement about the Northwest Coast Weavers Retreat.  Space is limited; first come first serve.  We are gonna have a blast!