The Real Alaskan Stroller!

Stroller Pack - invented and created by John Ingalls of Juneau, Alaska

Back in the early 80’s, John Ingalls had a shop where he designed and manufactured these Stroller Packs – a stroller that can glide over sand, snow, rock, gravel, wooded paths, tundra and any other Alaskan terrain.  This stroller easily converts into a back pack (see photo below showing the straps).   This is the most coveted stroller by mainly Juneau families who enjoy the ease of traveling with their toddlers in the great outdoors of Alaska.

Stroller Pack label

John Ingalls is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio.  He is the great grandson of the great-grandpa Ingalls who was a co-inventor and best friend to Ben Franklin.  John is a musician; he plays any kind of flute there is and also constructed large Andean panpipes made from titanium; pretty dang cool.  When John’s kids were young, John saw the need for real stroller, one that can collapse and fits into the overhead compartment on the jet, one that can travel in any terrain whether natural or man-made,  maneuvers and turns on a dime and one that is considerably lighter than any other stroller of its magnitude.  So he began creating this stroller and pretty soon everyone in town wanted one.  Then before you know it, the business took off.  I consider John to be the “Godfather” of Juneau – my definition of a godfather is not the normal definition.  My definition of godfather is the man who watches out and over the community in which he lives.   A man with few words, he pays attention to the distinct characteristics of all the locals.   Although known as being an eccentric, John has a heart of gold.

Stroller Pack - back showing the shoulder straps and waist strap

The Stroller Pack company was a family affair back in the 80’s.  He designed and re-designed them, ordered all the fabrics, ordered all the parts, welded certain pieces together, and my son was the “fitter”, the guy who put the framework together, my Ex did the logo design, brochure layout, photography, etc., and I sewed all the parts that could be sewn.

Where can you buy one of these strollers or at least try one out?  Well, if you live in Juneau and you see someone with one, stop and ask them about their StrollerPack; most owners are delighted to share their experiences.  I also have this one in the photographs.  I bought this one after I quit working for John on my move out of Alaska to Colorado back in 1993.  I figured I would use it when I became a Grandma, however, 19 years later, now that I’m a 4-time Grandmother, my children would rather have me use their fancy $450 3-wheelers that are so stylish these days – the design and function of the Stroller Pack does not appeal to them.  What!?–you mean there is such a thing as “stroller fads!?”   Who woulda known!?

I cleaned out the entire attic’s worth of 18 years of family member’s piles.  The Stroller Pack has been up there collecting dust; never been used but maybe once.  If you are interested or know of someone else who is interested in this Pack, feel free to contact me.  John no longer manufactures them anymore; I’ll let this one go for $350.00!   Come on; go for it!

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  1. I too have one- unfortunately didn’t have it for my own little ones… but for grandchildren. Mine is used… Clarissa’s is pristine! This is a great artisan stroller….that has uses after the children are grown as it is modeled after a hand-truck.