The “Tlingit Cabinet” Series

Close-up beginning a series of mixed-media collage drawings on replaced cabinet doors; the series is called “Tlingit Cabinet” Series

Several years ago, when the way-too-little sewing room got replaced by a cedar sauna, I saved the cabinet doors.  Because I cannot stand to throw away perfectly good wood, and these ones where already “framed”, I told myself that “…someday I’ll do some paintings on them…” (even though I hadn’t really painted much except one of the “Painted Ponies” of New Mexico).  Finally, after about 10 years storage in the attic, I have begun the series.  Again, this style of work is inspired by my collage/painter friend, Cecil Touchon.  Partner Dan Shanks prepared the small boards (there are three small ones; three big ones) using acrylic matte medium to glue down sheets from a couple of old books.  Then I use a couple of graphite pencils, dark and light with some cinnamon-colored, and do some shading – it’s a lot of fun – and like the rest of the contemporary work that I do, I just never know how it’s gonna turn out!  Stay tuned for the completed triptych of this first set of cabinets. – And by the way, if you know of anyone who is remodeling their kitchen, etc., and they are getting rid of cabinets that are in good shape, send those folks my way!  Thank you!