Vote Chilkat Robe “Resilience” at Portland Art Museum

The proposed “Resilience” Chilkat robe design by Clarissa Rizal

I would like your support on a project that is happening this week until the April 12th Art Event at the Portland Art Museum in Portland.  This year, out of 7 art works, PAM will be purchasing only 2 of the new art works for their permanent collection.  There are 7 curators who have chosen 7 different artists.   Each of PAM’s seven curators have selected a work of art that they hope will find a place in the Museum—whether an ancient work of Chinese art or the latest from a contemporary artist.

There is only one choice for a new Native American art work to be placed in the museum; the Chilkat robe is IT! — Remember, there will be only 2 artworks out of 7 that will be chosen for PAM’s permanent collection

My proposed Chilkat robe called “Reslience” is up for vote;  as of today, the Chilkat robe is placed 4th in the running.  That’s not quite good enough; I’ve got to be at least 2nd in the running – here’s your chance to play a role in influencing the Museum’s permanent collection AND here’s your chance to vote for a Chilkat robe to be added to their Native American art collection AND here’s your chance to help me support myself with this Chilkat robe commission for this next year!

Go to the Portland Art Museum’s website at the address below and click on:
7 Curators, 7 Choices <>

Scroll down to the image of the Chilkat  and click on “more” – you may view the video and/or read the description by Deana, the Curator of Native American art.  Scroll down and click on the “vote” button – this will automatically place your vote for the Chilkat robe!

I truly appreciate your time and support in placing a new Chilkat robe in the Portland Art Museum!

Remember, you must vote asap by April 10th(?) – time is of the essence.

Gunalcheesh!  (Tlingit for “thank you”)