Building “Totem Poles”

Building the frame for the “totem pole”

That time right before I wake up is a sensitive time; it’s when things come to me, ideas, concepts, meaningful dreams, etc.  That’s how this idea came to me; this idea of a kind of “totem pole…”  That was a little over 10 years ago…still making them…!

Stretching the canvas over the curved masonite towards the backside with the seam stapled down the back’s center bar

No nails are used; all pieces are held together with screws.  The canvas is stapled to the back center bar.  Below are two versions of the totems.  One is acrylic on canvas; the other is charcoal on canvas.  I have proposed to create a version of these for the Mendenhall Valley Library in Juneau, Alaska.  We’ll see if my proposal is accepted.

Charcoal on canvas “Argillite Totem Pole”

Acrylic on canvas – a painted version of the Charcoal on Canvas above