Sketches in Northwest Coast Design Motifs

Crayon sketch #1 is prototype for one of several paintings to do this year…

Last year in February 2012, my friend Lis Saya gifted me a box of “woodless” colour pencils (more like crayons); she thought that pencils without the wood were fascinatingly unique so she bought herself a set as well.  During a concert, we sat together and put our sketchpads to use!  I’ve posted a few sketches from my drawing pad; these will be used as “patterns” for my next few paintings this year…

This one reminds me of the coloring of overlapping shapes we’d do in Kindergarten, so I call this one “Kinder-ed Spirits”

This line drawing reminds me of the red earth canyons in the Southwest with varying levels, boulders and pebbles…just ink on paper

One of my very first charcoals in a long time; this reminds me of seaweeds and bull kelp…sometimes I just doodle and these are the things that come out of me…these kinds of drawings allow me the freedom to just play.  They are not structured, purposeful, sophisticated art for example, the button robes and Chilkat weavings.  I like the structure and the playfulness of both ways of being and doing.