Estimating the Amount of Warp Needed for Chilkat or Ravenstail Weavings


Skeins of Ravenstail warp

Depending on the size of your robe, apron, leggings, etc., the following are the AVERAGE amounts needed for projects in either Ravenstail or Chilkat weavings:

Pouch ……………………            30 yards

Leggings ……………….            60 yards (both leggings)

Apron …………………..            150 yards

Blanket …………………            800 to 1000 yards

(and for Chilkat robe, add 200 yards for the side braids)


To determine the amount of warp needed for any project:

To work out the amount of warp you need for a project, use the following equation.  First decide what size of piece you want to weave  (Remember to give yourself a little extra length so you have enough to trim the ends straight.  On a weaving without fringe, add at least 3” to the finished length so that you can work the bottom rows easily.


The Equation:

–       Width of piece x number of warp ends per inch = total number of warp ends

–       Length of piece x number of warp ends = number of inches needed

–       Divide total number of inches needed by 36 (# of inches in a yard) and the resulting amount is the number of yards you will need for your piece.



Width of piece = 30”

You will use 10 (epi) ends-per-inch warp

Length of piece = 18”

So 30” x 10” warp ends-to-the-inch = 300 warp ends

300 warp ends x 18” long = 5400 inches of warp

5400 inches divided by 36” (in a yard) = 150 yards

You will need 150 yards for the project.

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  1. I have been taught that you need to add approximately 10% of your total weft yardage for what is called ‘take up’. That is the amount of yarn it takes for your weft to go around your warp. Because Chilkat and Ravenstail warps are so thick around I think I’d lean toward 15% extra weft. I’ve never woven, then removed, the weft to measure just how much I use but … You’d sure hate to be short on special dyed weft.