“Resilience” Chilkat-Robe-In-Progress Update: The Black Border

Completed the black top border of the robe – 41 hours later!

Here’s a close-up photo of the black top border of my Chilkat “Resilience” robe that I am weaving for the Portland Art Museum…notice the subtle texture of the weave.   I weave over three warp ends instead of two when weaving the black and yellow borders of a Chilkat robe.  I learned this from my teacher/mentor Jennie Thlunaut, last of the traditional Chilkat weavers who passed away in 1986.  She suggested that I use size 3/6 weft yarns (equivalent to 3-ply commercial yarns) and weave over three warp ends – ONLY IN THE BORDERS!  These techniques create a subtle texture and a larger “frame” for the design field of the robe.

I will be posting more updates while weaving this robe over the next few months; stay tuned and thanks for visiting!