Sneak Preview of “Egyptian Thunderbird” Chilkat Robe

Beginning to weave one of the fingers on Clarissa's latest Chilkat robe "Egyptian Thunderbird"

Beginning to weave one of the fingers on Clarissa’s latest Chilkat robe “Egyptian Thunderbird” – August 2015

I dye my own weft yarns in shades of golden yellow and a variety of blues.  A couple of years ago I was trying to dye a beautiful turquoise, however, the yarns were unevenly dyed:  I panicked!  I couldn’t believe it; how come this was happening!?  I did everything by the book:  I mixed the colors evenly, I gave a gentle wash in gentle soapy lukewarm water after I had soaked the yarns for a few hours, I consistently stirred the pot!—And then to top it off, I was so enthralled by the beautiful deepening colors, I just kept stirring!  HELLO!?  Finally, I snapped out of my self-induced panic spell and snatched the yarns out of the dye pot!

And being the resourceful person that I can be, I wasn’t about to throw out dollars worth of yarns, so I saved it for a rainy day.

That rainy day came.  I have used these unevenly dyed weft yarns for this present day robe I have been weaving this year.  Using a Ravenstail technique within a Chilkat form, I am having a blast.  Stay tuned for more close-ups of the robe as I move along with the weave in between all else that I am up to these days!  I am carrying on as usual.

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