Weavers’ Gather at Clan Conference 2013

Chilkat weaving class taught by the late Jennie Thlunaut at Raven House, Haines, Alaska, March 1985 – photo by Larry McNeil

Weavers of Chilkat, Spruce root, Cedar bark and Ravenstail gather to share their knowledge during the Clan Conference held this weekend starting today through Friday and Saturday at Centennial Hall in Juneau, Alaska.  Click here to find out more info; read the Juneau Empire article.

For those who are in Juneau and do not want to attend the conference but want to see the weavers, there is a $5 fee only on Friday and Saturday paid to the Clan Conference. Thank you to Peter Metcalfe for inviting the weavers back in full force this year! Thank you to Lily Hope for assistance in coordinating the event. Many thanks to all the volunteering weavers who have come from far and wide and locally; happy spinning and weaving to all!