The name sake sits in the woods at the edge of Eagle Beach

At one time, there must have been more eagles at this beach.  Lots of ducks, lots of seagulls, even Canadian geese, however only one eagle; like what’s the deal?   How come nobody give the names “bird beach” or “Geese Beach?”   What happened to all the eagles?  Are they out fishing in other rivers plump with spawning salmon.  Isn’t it too late for spawning salmon; aren’t we at the tail end of all that?  Too much road construction for the eagles?  Too many hikers, campers and beachcombers?  Too much noise?  One eagle, folks, that’s what was out here on a beautiful early evening.  Better enjoy it while we can!

The tide is going out catching the reflection of another glorious sunset

Aerial Mushroons are like most mushrooms, they suddenly appear, then the go back from where they come

Some clouds erupt like volcanoes

I swear, like all the other photos on this blog, I DID NOT photoshop that lovely sight directly above us in the clouds!

"Rear Mirror Rissy" in her Alaskan safari style scoping the dramatic scene

The sun has set; do we really have to go home?