Halibut, salmon or prime rib were the main entrees for the "end of Summer" St. Nicholas Church fund raiser at the ANB Hall

We ate like little pigs and we still had 1/2 a plate of food left over for tomorrow’s dinner!  This $20 donation is going a long way!

Friends of the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church here in Juneau, Alaska sponsored a fundraising dinner on Friday, October 1st to raise funds for maintaining the structure of the church.  Once every few years the church needs to be repainted, the roof re-coppered (or is there another word for replacing/refinishing the copper dome roof?), and minor structural repairs.  Over 200 Juneauites showed their support for this wonderful dinner of halibut, salmon, prime rib entrees served with a baked potato, rice, salad and lots of desserts!

The "Herring Rock" Native dance group sung their hearts out for the dinner guests; although it doesn't look like they are singing here, that's because there was a slight break in the song, okay.

Cousins Gloria and Virginia Sarabia and Aunt Helen respond to the Kaagwaantaan invite part of the song

My Mamma Irene Lampe (with the walking cane and striped, light blue shirt, walked up to the dance floor and donated $10 to the group during the Raven song

An excellent dancer of the Killerwhale clan

Dance members during the outgoing song

The Sarabia Family having a good time

The young DeAsis brothers during the outgoing dance

Song leader Vicki Soboleff and drummer Fausto Paulo

Mr. and Mrs. Hersch - I hadn't seen Mr. Hersch since I graduated out of the 8th grade - he was my science teacher!

The last bit of the outgoing song and dance

Wonderful door prizes were given away (i.e. my cousin won a whale-watching cruise for two, a friend won a helicopter tour for two, and I sure coveted the barbecue gas grill, not necessarily for me, but for my Mom’s household); and a silent auction of a few gift baskets and pies!  My daughter Lily won the apple pie!

Nora Dauenhauer manned the Silent Auction booth - she baked the five pies in the foreground! They went for $25 to $50 each

Irene Lampe and her friend haven't see one another in a long, long time!