TR's theatre co-founder, Aaron Elmore plays Cyrano DeBergerac

Thanks to Jeanette, last night I was treated to the first play I’ve seen produced by the 19-year-old Juneau theatre company, Theatre in the Rough.  I know, I know – some of you are thinking “how is it that she hasn’t seen a production in 19 years…especially since she is experienced in theatre and acting!?”  It’s because I have been living in Colorado since 1992 and just returned to Juneau this Summer.  Hello?

There are performances this weekend and next weekend.  Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm and one matinee this Sunday, October 31st at 2pm; held at the Old Elks Hall on North Franklin St. just one door down from the Baranof Hotel.  You may buy tickets at Hearthside Books or at the door – but I suggest you buy your tickets in advance and get there early for a good seat!  Also, I suggest you bring a pillow if you sit in the bleachers.

I’ve only included a few photos of the play – I want folks to be delightfully surprised with the fabulous costumes, the music, the choreography and the creative props and set design.  Most of the photos I’ve chosen to include here are of the actor Aaron Elmore who plays Cyrano DeBergerac.  You will have to see the play to see everyone else!  I encourage one and all to go!

The list of actors and actresses include:  Megan Behnke, Malik Jones, Katie Jensen, Connor Chaney, Carl Broderson, Diane Anderson, Mike Matthews, Frank Katasse, Hunter Davis, Lael Harrison, Peter Freer, Becky Orford, Donice Gott, Patricia Hull, and Rebecca Gaguine.

Cyrano DeBergerac was written by Edmond Rostand; translated by John Murrell.  This version was directed by Theatre in the Rough’s co-founder Katie Jensen.  Set and costume design – Aaron Elmore; choreography – Katie Jensen; stage management – Hannah Schempf; lighting design – Catherine Melville; master electrician – Mike Mathews; sound tech – Betsy Sims; box office management – Larri Spengler; stitchers – Inga Gregovitch and Toni Fratzke.


Fun choreography!

Theatre in the Rough – This vagabond love child of Katie Jensen and Aaron Elmore has lived in Juneau for 19 years, produced 15 of Shakespear’es  36-odd plays as well as numerous other works in the classical vein.  In 2002, it received the Governor’s Award for Excellence from the Alaska State Council on the Arts.  TR would like to thank every actor, designer, associate expert and audience member.  The Rough loooks forward to becoming Theatre in Residence in the new McPhetres Hall in the spring of 2011.  For information on how to help us get there, call 209-0867 or visit our website at