Parrot Betty digs in da bag for da goodies!

At first I thought it an odd thing that the Mendenhall Visitors’ Center had a Halloween party for Juneau children to dress up in their costumes and come out and play.  Like why the Visitor’s Center way out there by the Glacier?  Once I got there, on this fine sunny day, I thought, well why not? – what a beautiful place to play!

Mendenhall Glacier (in the background) Visitors' Center hosts the kids Halloween party

My granddaughter, Betty, kind of enjoyed herself.  It was her naptime at 11am, so this event cut into her beauty sleep – yet she was still able to “bowl the bones”, “feed the bear”, “sneak a preview” , “blow a balloon” and “paint the  apple.”  There were more fun stations for the children to partake, but like I said, Betty was ready for her beauty sleep, so after an hour, we left just as the place with getting crowded with over 100 kids!

Beak to beak, the Seagull lady greeted everyone at the door!

Tony Tengs created the "peek-a-boo cave" - a miniature mysterious cave showing a small bubbling cauldron lake with spider webs and bones strewn about, lit up with a black light

One at a time, Betty tossed 6 salmon into the bear's mouth - never missing the target!

Betty painted the wooden apple stamp preparing to stamp her paper making a "block" print!

Balloonist Jeff Brown hands another of his creations to a "transformer"

Jeff now employs an electric balloon-blower-upper; he can blow up a balloon in 5 seconds

Even though Betty received her doggie balloon, she watches Jeff continue to make a variety of balloon shapes

A small barn owl is part of the Raptor Center visitors

Betty checks how her parrot self is doing in the motorcycle's chrome