“Standing like a strong man on black waves

she claws brilliant bands of yellow, green and blue;

pulling down, she guides bands of light from a dark heaven

into a wide black hole at her feet

where the illumined ocean is filled by its shaft moving straight through to earth’s core

into shaped petals making full the heart, preparing to bloom with a form left to wonder

In time soon, real soon”

This dream I had during the last of two nights staying at a friend’s house boat in the cove a few minutes East of Hoonah.  It was October 30, 2003.

I stood on the ocean waves between the cove and Hoonah.  I could see Hoonah off in the distance with its city lights illuminated and reflecting off the dark ocean ripples…the dark sea rolled easy, glassy waves; it was night.  The Northern Lights above rippled almost in unison with the gentle roll of dark waves.  I reached up and clawed at the a band of northern lights which made its way in my direction, so I guided them into a black hole about 18 inches wide at the base of my feet.  Imagine yourself in my shoes; it was quite an exhilarating experience.  When I awoke, my eyes were wide open, staring into the early morning hours, my body vibrating.

Some day I will create a piece of art based on this dream; maybe a button robe or a painting, maybe do a print of the painting – or all of the above!  The illumined heaven of light and creation are endless!