Sales table at the 37th Annual Alaska Folk Festival featuring T-shirts, mugs, caps, stickers and the program guide!

“Once again the musicians, dancers, callers, performers, volunteers and sound technicians have worked hard through the cold, dark winter months to bring this week of fun-filled merriment.  AFF had our share of set backs and tragedies this year, not the least of which was the loss of our sound engineer, Warren Argo, but in spite of it all we pulled it together once again to bring you the annual event that heralds spring and puts smiles on the faces of all who attend.  From one night at the Alaska State Museum (in 1974) to the week-long string of concerts, dances and workshops, the Alaska Folk Festival has grown into a delightful musical smorgasbord with something for everyone!” – Greg McLaughlin, President, AFF  (Note:  Greg has been the AFF for approximately 15 years – let’s give a big hand to Greg and every volunteer throughout the years:  clap, clap clap, clap, clap…!)

While 15-minute per performance are going on in the main hall, musicians play in the lobby and children are hula-hooping on the lawn

Local musician Leif Saya

At the Thursday night dance bands, The "C" Notes (aka Danny and the C-Notes) Danny Constanstine with friends John Hartle, Bob Banghart, Jeff Bridges, Clay Good (and I apologize I do not remember the others' names)

Cutting loose at the dances (Thursday, Friday and Saturday night dances at the JACC - Old Armory)

MC and 37-year festival member and performer, Jeff Brown

Buddy Tabor and friends - If I am not mistaken, I think Buddy has been performing every Folk Festival since the very 1st one in 1974

Buddy Tabor fans sing along

Jerry Fiscus & Friends Tom Paul, George Trani and Lis Saya

Musicians continue to play and play and play whether on or off the stage! - Here we have the elders teaching the up and coming new performers of the next generations