Violin Virtuoso Gilles Apap

“Hailed as a true violinist of the 21st Century by Yehudi Menuhin, Gilles Apap is a classical violinist who is in great demand as a soloist with orchestras around the world. Among many are the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic, Boston Philharmonic and San Francisco Symphony. He has also become widely known for his extraordinary ability to integrate a variety of musical genres. Gilles not only crosses boundaries, he unites music with his distinct talent for incorporating styles of music as diverse as American oldtime, Irish, and Gypsy fiddling, with the standards of the classical repertoire.

Born in Algeria, Gilles Apap was raised in Nice, France, where his violin studies commenced with Andre Robert. He continued his education at the Conservatoire de Musique de Nice with Gustave Gaglio, and then at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Lyon with Veda Reynolds. He traveled to the United States to attend the Curtis Institute of Music, and chose in 1986 to live in California, where he still resides. He was later appointed Concertmaster of the Santa Barbara Symphony Orchestra and served in that position for over a decade.”  (to read more on Gilles, please visit Gilles’ website at:

So what’s guy like this doing in a little ho-dunk capital city of the most beautiful state in the Nation?

Well, it started out when local musician Lis Saya met Gilles back in the early 90’s…and that was that!  With the hard organization work of Lis to benefit the Alaska Folk Festival, he has performed here in Juneau several times.  Finally, due to my return to Juneau and my schedule working out, I got to see Gilles perform last Friday the 22nd at the Northern Lights Church; what a treat, that guy is pretty dang goooooood!

Opening (comedy) act and M.C., Collette Costa

I don’t know much about Collette except that she (next to my sister, Dee), can make people laugh.  I have no idea if she gets up on stage with an idea of what she is about to say or she just shoots from the hip with spontaneous combustion of the practical sorts – (I’ll never look at another Bible the same way again!)   Collette was the opening act M.C. for Gilles – I know you might ask the question of  “how does her comedy act coincide with a violin virtuoso?”… – it doesn’t!  And that’s just the fun of it!  In my opinion, her act was perfect because it’s just what Gilles would want in the first place anyway for his opening act cuz he’s IS that:  fun!

A "normal" image of Gilles

Gille Apap Trio (L to R: Gilles Apap, Chris Judge & Brendon Statom

Guitarist Chris Judge

A wonderfully, lively, uplifting concert! - Next time they come to town (next Spring?), you must attend!

Note:  You may ask yourself:  why does Clarissa  post things like concerts, plays, funerals, other artists’ presentations, art shows, etc. on her blog when they seem to have no direct correlation to the work she is  doing as an artist?  Hmm….that’s what most people may think.  However, the things I post on my blog DO HAVE A DIRECT CORRELATION TO MY LIFE AS AN ARTIST!  How?  These things affect my spirit, and can have direct affect on my life, which of course, can inspire me, depress me, anger me, or make me feel great love, and in turn, affects the work that I create and produce!