Pasting pages with matte medium onto old recycled cabinet doors

Back in March I cleaned out the attic; 18 years of accumulated family, personal, business and theatre stuff were set in the driveway.  I let go of lots of stuff, however, I hung onto other things I felt I would use later.  About 10 years ago, I had saved three, wooden cabinet doors from a remodel.  I told myself that I would use them someday whenever I got into doing paintings for a living.  Although I began painting about 10 years ago, I never really took it seriously until lately when a number of things accumulated this past year one of them being the return of my friends Cecil and Rosalia Touchon.  Undoubtedly my contemporary works in paintings, collage and charcoals are influenced by Touchon.  Check out their work at Cecil

Once all three panels were covered with pages and were given a couple coats of matte medium over the entire surface, Clarissa sketches shadows here and there to give a 3-D appearance

Rummaging through my box of collage-making papers, I came across a book of international poetry published in 1961.  The pages were weathered; I liked the look – pasted them onto the gesso-ed cabinet doors which I will from now on will refer to as my “canvas.”  I then pasted a cut up paper print of my Chilkat robe design pattern called “Jennie Weaves An Apprentice.”  I edged each strip with a bit of golden yellow acrylic paint.  I am having fun.

I order most of my acrylic paints, canvas, matte medium, brushes, etc. from Artist Supply Warehouse (ASW); as far as I know, they have good quality products at the lowest prices.  If you find anything better, would you mind letting the rest of us know?  Thank you!

A better view of the 3_D shading example

After a bit of shading with a soft lead drawing pencil, I stood back and liked the effect; like wow, now I am really having fun! –  If I am not mistaken, this is my very first mixed-media collage on wooden cabinets done with this type of effect.  If you want to see more of this effect, make sure you visit Cecil Touchon’s website.  He’s an expert at this!

So far, so good, but not quite finished with this triptych

Each panel measures about 40″ high and about 20″ wide.  They are available for sale as a unit at the Alaska Juneau Public Market during Thanksgiving weekend in Juneau.