Hand-caste paper feathers by Clarissa Rizal will be available for sale during Juneau’s First Friday Gallery Walk, December 7th, 2012

During the First Friday Gallery Walk, December 7th (4:30-7:30pm), Clarissa will be the guest artist at the “Aurora Healing Arts” on North Franklin Street just a half-block up from the Hearthside Books in downtown Juneau.

The hand-caste paper feathers above are made with recycled papers, with a vein of cedar bark trailing down through the middle of the feather to a mother-of-pearl button tipped with a strand of beads and with a crystal teardrop dangling at the end.

You may purchase the feathers with Native American quotes hand-written on them or there are blank ones to add your own inscription or keep it plain and simple!

Aurora Healing Arts is located on North Franklin Street a 1/2 block up from Hearthside Books in the Triangle Building in downtown Juneau

Aurora Healing Arts is owned and operated by Jan Parrish and Greg Garrison, featuring Infrared saunas, Devil’s Club salves and teas, healthy lifestyle products and herbal remedies.  Also, Jan has been a licensed acupuncturist/herbalist with nearly 30 years experience with a treatment room off the retail store outlet.  They recently opened a month ago.

Window into the world of “Aurora Healing Arts” – check out the paper feathers and all other good things for you in the window the next time you walk past…!

Aurora Healing Art’s uniquely exclusive Devil’s Club Chai tea in both decaff and caffeinated – and in my opinion, “Miracle Mend” is the best all-around healing salve

Auromatherapy spray mists “Raven Woman”, “Eagle’s Feather” and “Glacier Mist”…wonderfully fragrant for swinging into good moods!

Clarissa will have a variety of things available for your Christmas shopping options; they include:  beaded wool felt Russian-style 1800-s Navy hats, shrink-wrapped Giclee prints, hand-caste paper feathers, gumboot earrings, greeting cards, original charcoals, cell phone covers and Chilkat robe pattern board paintings on canvas.  (Note:  The limited edition of hand-printed, hand-sewn Tlingit dolls have all been sold.)

Below are photos of some of the items for sale at this December Gallery Walk in Juneau…

9 greeting card images of button blankets based on robes designed by Clarissa – buy them individually or in a pack of 9 – use them as greeting cards or mat and frame them!

Beaded Russian-style wool felt hats by Clarissa – long-time friend, Kamala with Clarissa stand in front of a Chilkat pattern board on canvas

Spraying clear laquer to set the charcoal (to prevent charcoal from smearing!) – “Totemic Theories” is a charcoal on canvas available for sale in two separate formats:   a wall panel measuring 28″w x 72″h and a free-standing column measuring 28″ x 76″

Dress up in your favorite, festive winter garb and join the Gallery Walk this coming Friday, December 7th; come visit  Auorora Healing Arts and have a swig of Devil’s Club Chai and a bite to eat while checking out Clarissa’s work – we look forward to seeing you!