Notice the slightly darker shade of the braids than the weaving in both the yellow and the blue – that’s Jennie Thlunaut’s Chilkat trick-of-the-trade #1…   (please forgive the blurred photo:  I’ll replace it one of these days!)

Back in 2006 when I was visiting the University of Pennsylvania’s Museum collection of Chilkat robes, one of the staff members had pointed out that during another weaver’s visit to their collection earlier, they had noticed a difference in color of the braids from the weavers in a very old robe and wondered why that was…guess what I told ’em?

Jennie Thlunaut’s “Trick-of-theTrade #1” – While we are weaving, sometimes we mistaken our braids for our weavers.  To avoid this annoying blunder, use a slightly different shade of braid, lighter or darker, than your weaver.  Oh boy!  Happier Weaving!