Chilkat warp stick

Chilkat “warp sticks” are an easy device for measuring warp for your projects.  This “traditional” warp stick (shown above) was fashioned directly from Jennie Thluntau’s warp stick.  The stick measures approximately 53″ high x 2″ wide x 1″ thick.

Chilkat Warp Stick notches are cut at 1″ intervals

The warp sticks are generally made of wood with notches at 1″ intervals.  There are two groups of 1″ notches:  The group of longer lengths are for a standard size Chilkat robe; the shorter group of lengths is for a standard size Chilkat apron.

Vanessa Morgan measures her warp lengths on her brand new Chilkat Warp Stick!

Using a piece of cardboard as another alternative for a Chilkat “warp stick” – a piece of cardboard cut to the desired length of a weaving project, you wrap your warp around and around and cut only one end of all the warp – another one of Jennie Thlunaut’s “tricks-of-the-trade”

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