The late Jennie Thlunaut’s hands showing Clarissa a trick-of-the-trade…photo by Clarissa during her apprenticeship with Jennie – May 1986

In the next few weeks, I will be posting a variety of weaving “tricks-of-the-trade” – many of those that Jennie taught me and a few I devised from my years of weaving experience.   Some of the tricks are conveyed in my Chilkat Weavers’ Handbook, however, I am too busy to revise and update the handbook, therefore no handbooks.  However, I am on a Chilkat weaving roll right now – anything to do with Chilkat and I’m on to it – and I want to assist my fellow weavers, and any past or future students of mine.   I want you to be a happier weaver as these tricks will help ease your process of weaving – So, stay tuned!

And hey, if you have any weaving tricks, I welcome you to share them!