The “Bromley” hanging out on a Spruce in the middle of a blueberry patch – Hoonah, Alaska

Who would post a blog entry about a hat?  Me, because, because…uh, because…I am what you call an “artist.” —-  I gotta tell ya:  These leather hand-made hats are from the company “Head N’ Home” in California; they are expensive yet well worth every dollar – There are all types of styles; this one is called the “Bromley”.  I chose this one because it didn’t have a wide brim; I can still see the sky, yet my face is protected from the sun, rain and wind.  I’ve used this hat in all four seasons, surprisingly keeps my head warm and dry and brings out the “equestrian rider” in me; like I can “ride” any “terrain” in this world and keep myself  “high and dry!”

I encourage you to check out their website: