Left to Right:  bundle of Chilkat template transparency pattern sit atop 800 yards of Chilkat warp; the warp stick (to measure the warp lengths efficiently – fashioned after the late Chilkat weaver, Jennie Thlunaut’s stick); dyed yellow weft and black weft yarns accompanied by stack of baby socks (for keeping warp ends clean); deep turquoise blue weft yarns; backdrop is a partial view of the Chilkat robe pattern board

After 3 months of preparing my materials and pattern for my next Chilkat robe, I am about to begin warping the loom (aka “dressing” the loom),…maybe by tonight!  I am on schedule.  My goal was to begin weaving the robe on October 15th!  Today is the day!  And I celebrate here with you today with a photo of my materials!

This robe is commissioned by the Portland Art Museum; check out the complete image and story on this robe at this former blog entry.   And read Portland Art Museum’s Curator of Native American Art, Deana Dartt-Newton’s narrative of this robe.