“Skookum” muscle salve by Harlena Warford, Hoonah, Alaska  —  Visit her website at:  www.gutshuwu.com

Last Summer, a fellow weaver introduced me to her Auntie Harlena’s “Skookum” salve that she used for her slight case of carpel tunnel.  Of course, I was very much interested since I had developed carpel tunnel 20 years ago in my right arm, to which I have had no trouble until just a few weeks before being introduced to this miracle worker!   Within 5 minutes after I applied this stuff, suddenly my fingers began to twitch uncontrollably lasting about 2 or 3 minutes.  Then the sharp pains in my wrist and top of my hand was gone!

“Skookum” is made of natural ingredients including:  Skunk cabbage, Shea butter, Palm Kernel and Olive oil

Let’s face it, weavers use their hands all the time, and sometimes depending on our projects and time constraints, we may be using repetitive motion for many hours in a given day, in a given week, in a given year.  Certain muscles need “food”, they need care especially if we work them day and night.  My hands and wrists are consistently in use; if I want to continue creating all that I create, I must respect and honor them by taking care of them.  The “Skookum” and the “Incredibrace” are the two unabrasive, no-side-effect tools that I use.  I whole-heartedly and gladly share them here with you.

The “Incredibrace” – an innovative invention – well worth the price of $21.00! — check out the website at:  www.buyincrediwear.com

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My health nut friends Jan and Gregg, highly recommended this easy device for wrist support; I took their word for it, and I am sold!  I have used this wrist brace off and on for the past six months.  I have turned my son onto these braces; he is a film-maker/photographer who carries heavy equipment all the time and my son-in-law is a sculptor working into the wee hours of the morning.

The Incredibrace is great for injuries; it reduces inflammation and increases blood flow and circulation.  It increases range of motion, relieves carpel tunnel, Raymaud Syndrome, Arthritis pain, wrist sprains, numbness and cold hands and fingers.  Incredibrace fabric releases negative ions – Negative ions vibrate cellular walls; vibrations increase circulation within 20 minutes.  No uncomfortable compression needed!

Just wear as needed; it can be worn 24/7

For maximum health benefits and pain-free weaving, when needed (which is not that often anymore), I use both the “Skookum” and the “Incredibrace”.

$21.00 for the Incredibrace and $20.00 for 2 oz jar of “Skookum” – that’s less than a doctor’s visit.  Give it a try.  You have nothing to lose except your pain.