Clarissa Rizal finishes weaving the left “ship” – Valentine’s Day 2014

After 6 weeks of illness, weaving while singing voice lessons is heavenly!  Golly, what a life!  It feels so good to get  back to “Resilience.”  I designed and am now weaving this Chilkat robe called “Resilience.”  You may see the full pattern with the design description by visiting the blog entry here.    And you may see previous photos of the process of weaving this robe up until today by clicking on these blog entries here.

I am 6 weeks behind schedule because of my long winter illness.  I am not even a third completed with this robe and it is due by June 15th – that’s only 3.5 months!  I wove the “Diving Whale Lovebirds” robe in 5 months; looks like I am on for another marathon!

“Resilience” Chilkat Robe – close up of the eyebrow, the beginning of the Raven’s head – designed and being woven by Clarissa Rizal