Make a Castor oil pack with: Castor oil, flannel fabric, & Pure Herbs “5 Oils” – saturate cloth with castor oil mixed with about 4 drops of the “5 Oils”, place on chest, put a piece of plastic between the pack and your clothing; let sit on chest while resting, napping or at bedtime

With a relentless cough that was into it’s third week, I suspected that I may have had Bronchitis, but when the doctor said I had Pneumonia, it was hard to believe!… (Me, Clarissa Rizal has pneumonia!?  How is that possible!?)  He prescribed antibiotics of course and when I asked him what the side effects were, he hesitated for a moment and replied:  “…nausea, vomiting, headaches, intestinal disorder…” to which I said to myself, “okay, no problem, I can take supplements that would counterbalance those disorders.” —-  Ha!  After reading the clinic’s handout on the side effects of the antibiotic for Pneumonia; NOT!

One of the best remedies when catching the flu virus symptoms or any time you have any flu-like symptoms: the homeopathic remedy Oscillococcinum — most health food stores carry them — and even Fred Meyers has it!

I was about to take the antibiotic, when I decided to read the four-page document on the antibiotic BEFORE!  Good thing I did; it was quite the eye-opener and educational experience.   This is what I discovered: 

My cough began during the 2nd week of the flu (mid-January); up until two days ago I had been taking cough drops and cough medicines to get rid of the cough to no avail – after three weeks of coughing, the intensity peaked over a week ago.  So this being said, a pneumonia that sets in during the course of the flu virus is a viral pneumonia as opposed to the bacterial pneumonia.  I have the viral pneumonia.  Hello!?!?!

The Levofloxacin antibotic prescribed to me would not help rid me of the virus because (according to the clinic’s handout they gave me):   “…an antibiotic is for a bacterial infection, not a viral infection.  Pneumonia caused by the flu virus may be treated with an antiviral medicine and most other viral infections must run their course – viral infections will not respond to antibiotics.”

These herbs were recommended for my personal immune system support – from Pure Herbs, Ltd.  A half dropper-full of each in 4 oz of water once/day first thing in morning, though because of the acute condition of Pneumonia, I added another dose just before bedtime.  Click here for Pure Herbs website

Okay, we got that straight:  the antibiotics the doc prescribed me will not work because I have the viral pneumonia as opposed to the bacteria pneumonia.  So back to the side effects the doc mentioned.  Well…according to the three-page hand-out the clinic provided for me about the antibiotic, here is the comprehensive list of the ADDITIONAL, real side effects, and mind you I quote this info right off their hand-out sheet:

These herbs were recommended for me to strengthen my heart, brain and immune system – A half dropper-full of each in 4 oz of water once/day first thing in morning, though because of the acute condition of Pneumonia, I added another dose just before bedtime

“Levoflaxacin, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic, can cause serious side effects.  Some of these serious side effects could result in death.  If you have any of the following serious side effects while you take Levofloxacin, get medical help right away…”

“If you have any of the following symptoms of a severe allergic reaction:

  • hives
  • trouble breathing or swallowing
  • swelling of the lips, tongue, face
  • throat tightness, hoarseness
  • rapid heartbeat
  • faint
  • skin rash”

Now hold on, this list is just the beginning,….there’s a whole lot more….

Natural antibiotics and immune support: Mullein and Goldenseal tinctures, Echinacea capsules and Elderberry syrup – A half dropper-full of the two tinctures in 4 oz of water once/day first thing in morning, directly before lunch and because of the acute condition of Pneumonia, I added another dose just before bedtime – One capsule of the Echinacea taken at the same time, and directly afterwards a teaspoon of the Elderberry Syrup — NOTE:  Golden Seal and Echinacea should only be taken for brief episodes of not more than a week on Golden Seal and not more than two weeks on Echinacea.  If you anything different, then follow that rule.

“Other severe responses include:

  1. Tendon rupture or swelling of the the tendon (tendinitis)
  2. Worsening of myasthenia gravis ( a problem that causes muscle weakness)
  3. Liver damage damage (hepatotoxicity)
  4. Central Nervous System Effects (Seizures, hear voices, hallucinations, paranoia, suicidal, headache with blurred vision)
  5. Intestine infection (Pseudomembranous colitis)
  6. Changes in sensation and possible nerve damage (Peripheral Neuropathy) – The nerve damage may be permanent in arms, hands, legs or feet
  7. Serious heart rhythm changes (QT prolongation and torsades de pointes)…may cause an abnormal heartbeat and can be very dangerous.
  8. Joint Problems
  9. Changes in Blood sugar
  10. Sensitivity to Light”

Do you think I want to take any chances in attracting any or all of these (possibly permanent) conditions?  Heck no!  (Pardon my French!)

ceramic Netipot and Netipot salt – The cleansing of the sinuses via the Netipot is an East Indian tradition.  During the period I had my Pneumonia, I also had a sinus infection which also affected my ears (a normal connection).  I performed the cleansing of my sinuses twice daily first thing in the morning and because of the acute condition of Pneumonia, I added another Netipot session directly after dinner


  1. I was diagnosed with pneumonia; good, now I can remedy the situation accordingly

So with the assistance of my kids and a couple of my friends, who had researched healing Pneumonia naturally, I compiled a few remedies and my rigorous regime that I share with you here in these photos.  Remember, this is the regime I created for myself.  You can copy exactly what I did, or you can modify to your desire; it’s up to you.  Use your intuition and common sense.  Keep tabs on your recovery.  Little by little, depending on your recovery time, you will decide which remedy you will decrease and/or cease.

In the olden days way before the use of pharmaceuticals, we knew how to remedy ourselves of illnesses.  Some day we are going to go back to those ways.  It’s always good to know a little bit about natural ways of healing for the preservation of this knowledge for future generations.

OH, and one more thing:  Did you know pneumonia is highly contagious?  Be mindful; be full of care.

Supplements: 1000mg vitamin C, L-lysine, Probiotics, Vitamin B Food Complex taken during meals.   The Vitamin C and Vitamin B Food Complex I’ve taken once a day for many years.  I take L-Lysine whenever I think cankersores or a cold sore is about to spring up on my lip, and the Probiotic I have taken once in a blue moon if I’ve got intestinal stuff going on —-  In this acute case of Pneumonia, I upped the daily dosages to:  5 capsules of 1000mg of Vitamin C (or “bowel tolerance” amount),  2 L-Lysine, 6 capsules of Probiotics, and the regular dose of 1 Vitamin B tablet.

The first day of this regime was quite the day.  I spent four consecutive hours doing nothing else but taking remedies, making and eating meals, resting with the castor oil pack, making and drinking the concoctions and cooking and eating the potassium broth; then, I did the main part of the cycle all over twice again, once in the afternoon and once again at night — this rigorous regime took a total of 12 hours!  hello!  By the time 10pm rolled around, I was whooped!  So I devised a method to be more efficient…

A roomy pillbox to be used as a 7-day container OR to hold your variety of supplements —

Organization is the name of my game to be keep my efficiency strong because I am a very goal-oriented person; my daily activities and projects are numerous (even though I don’t get anything done when I am not well, BUT my mind is still racing with what I WANT to get done! haha!)

I devised a couple of methods to keep track of my efforts to heal self AND to be more efficient so I had time to rest!  I used two tools:  above is the pillbox with the specific number of daily supplements I took, and below is a chart that I referred to many times to keep me on track.

To assist you in keeping track of what remedy you took when, create a chart. — With more than 20 remedies to take either before, during or after meals, this was the only way I could remember! (and besides that, like I said, I like being organized!) — I labeled the days of the week on the left of the columns and the name of the remedy at the top with the amounts per day (as shown)…this chart is one half of two pages of remedies!

What is your diet?  With any type of respiratory ailment, and at least while you are healing your self, stay away from mucous-causing foods such as all dairy products:  All!  There are no exceptions. No corn.   And for those of you who have a difficult time eliminating sugar and wheat, just remember, the length of time is only during the time you are trying to heal.  Once you are well and feeling 100% better, go ahead and get back to your “normal” diet.

Baked Garlic — Yum!!! Directly after the doctor’s diagnosis, I baked a week’s worth of garlic — meaning: I ate one entire bulb of garlic per day in one sitting! That’s equal to 15-20 cloves of garlic. If you have a weak stomach, maybe 3 or 4 cloves from the bulb would be safe for you; intake all depends on you and your body.  Warning:  You will smell like roasted garlic, but hey, do you want to heal yourself naturally or suffer!? — To Bake Garlic:  Place whatever number of garlic bulbs you want to cook on a cookie sheet and place in preheated 350 degree oven for 35-45 minutes.  It’s that simple! —  Immediately after I ate that first bulb of garlic, my grogginess and headache disappeared! Wow, now THAT is a remedy!!!

The following are invigorating, healthy, supportive, non-invasive, no-side-effect-drinks that will help revive your spirit, mind and body.  Drink at least once cup per day.

Boil about 1 tsp. fresh grated ginger in 2 qts. water for about 15 minutes, strain and drink a cup once a day – can add honey but I prefer the enjoyment of its strong, simple taste (must be the Asian in me!) — great for circulation and warmth

I forgot to photograph my “potassium broth” before I finished it off last night (oh well, it looks like chicken stew without the chicken!).    Potassium helps heal the lining of your lungs.  If you have any heart conditions, do not take this broth!   The potassium broth can be juiced raw or you may steam the veggies and eat the entire “soup.”  Here’s the recipe for one serving of raw, juiced broth:

* 4 cloves garlic * 2 radishes * 2 big carrots * 2 stalks celery * a couple of pinches of parsley * water

I didn’t want mine raw.  Luckily we have the option to steam a version and create a potassium soup using a lot more than the ingredients above.  My recipe was something like this:

1 bulb baked garlic, peeled and chopped, then  wash and chop the following:  *8 carrots * 6 stalks celery * 2 zuchinni * 1 bunch radishes  — place all in pot and cook in 3 quarts of water — after veggies are soft, then add a big handful of chopped parsley —- chow down as much as you can stand; it’s a wonderful soup to aid lousy-feeling lungs!  This pot was enough for 4 large servings!  I had one serving per day for 4 days!

1 TBSP Bragg’s organic Apple Cider Vinegar in 8 oz. glass water two to three times per day before, during or after meals – helps detoxify system as you strengthen and maintain your immune system — I cannot say enough about this all-time remedy maintain the general health of an individual, animal or human!

You will figure out your own regime depending upon what remedies you decide to take.  Like I said, I did this entire regime.  The first day, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing so I didn’t have the “schedule” down pat.  After the first couple of days, I figured out a more efficient method based on what I had to take, before, during, or after meals.  Here’s my schedule broken up into morning, noon and night:

MORNING upon rising in this order:  * heat water for lemon water drink * brush teeth * drink 1 glass water * drink 1st set of herbs in 4 ozs. water * netipot (allows first herbs to pass through system 15  minutes, before taking second set) * drink 2nd set of herbs in 4 ozs. water * place two drops of “5 Oils” onto back of neck  * wash up/get dressed  * drink 2nd glass water  * take Echinacea/goldenseal/mullein tinctures in 4 ozs. water followed with 1 tsp. Elderberry syrup * make breakfast and eat *  make lemon/honey drink and take supplements of Vitamin B, Vit C, Probiotics and Biosil directly after breakfast  *  brush teeth * drink 3rd glass water * fill humidifier, place on high or low

Drink two 8 oz servings, one in late morning and late afternoon of this wonderful, soothing, zesty concoction to ease sore throat & up your Vitamin C intake: Pour hot boiled water in a mixture of 1/2 Lemon juiced into mug, add 1 to 2 tsp. Honey — Stir and enjoy!

AFTERNOON in this order* drink 4th glass water  * take Echinacea/goldenseal/mullein tinctures in 4 ozs. water followed with Elderberry syrup * netipot (allows herbs to pass through system 15  minutes, before eating)  * make lunch and eat * Eat one bulb of garlic (15-20 cloves in one bulb) *  make lemon/honey drink and take supplements of Vit C, Probiotics and Biosil directly after lunch  *  brush teeth * drink ginger drink * place castor oil pack on chest, lay down and rest

Drink at least 6 to 8 cups of pure, clean water per day – Yes, that’s on top of all the other liquid concoctions during the healing of Pneumonia! — It’s extra special and easier to drink the water if it’s in a hand-blown glass like this one!  If it’s hard for you to drink water, having a special glass helps ease the chore! 

EVENING in this order* drink 6th glass water * drink 1st set of herbs in 4 ozs. water * make dinner * take Echinacea/goldenseal/mullein tinctures in 4 ozs. water followed with 1 tsp. Elderberry syrup * Eat dinner *  make lemon/honey drink and take supplements of Vitamin B, Vit C, Probiotics and Biosil directly after dinner  * netipot (allows first herbs to pass through system 15  minutes, before taking second set) * drink 2nd set of herbs in 4 ozs. water * place two drops of “5 Oils” onto back of neck  * wash up/get dressed for bed  * drink 2nd glass water   * brush teeth * fill humidifier, place on high or low * castor oil pack on chest

During the course of the day, in between meals, you may take extra Vitamin C as much as your bowels can stand (it’s called “bowel tolerance”- like how much Vitamin C can your body stand before your stools become diarrhea?  As soon as that happens, you know that that is how much vitamin C your body can have, so keep track of your amounts).  Mine can stand 5 capsules of 1000mg of Vitamin C.

You can also include other teas and drinks like “Throat Coat” and “Breathe Easy”, orange juice, apple/cranberry juice, etc.  Remember these drinks do not count as your water intake.  Water is very different than drinks, teas, etc.

A humidifier is a must when healing any respiratory dis-ease!   The moisture will help break up the mucous in your lungs.  I filled this humidifier twice a day, first thing at sunrise and last thing after sunset. If you’d like, you may add a couple drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil to the water.

Make sure your spittoon is available to you the entire night through.  You want to relieve your body of that mucous.  I have noticed that most of my big coughing spells were at 2 am and 4 am  I also noticed that I coughed more laying down than when I was upright.   I kept my spittoon close at hand all day long too!

If you don’t have a fancy spittoon, create one from a brown paper bag. To keep the bag open, fold the top edge of the bag down. Place in plastic bag. After you’ve discarded your used Kleenex into the spittoon, this creates a buffer barrier to catch any spit and mucous, therefore eliminating the use of Kleenex thereafter. A spittoon accommodates to the amount of mucous your body will be expelling during this healing process.

Rest.  I cannot say this enough.  Rest.  I am not good at this, but maybe you are.  There are only a couple of things that can keep me in bed; reading books is one of them.  I read more books in the past couple of weeks than the past 10 years.  It was all good.

Play soothing classical music like Traichovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite.”

Okay, there you have it!  A natural method of healing Pneumonia!  If you or anyone else you know has Pneumonia, you may try any and/or all these remedies!  I suggest you do research on line for more natural remedies.

I’ve been on this regime for 9 days.  As of this day, February 11th,  I am 90% better.  I am cutting back on the dosages of the herbs, Echinacea, Elderberry, Goldenseal and Mullein.  I am beginning to take only 3 capsules each of Vitamin C and Probiotics.  I have quit doing the Netipot; my sinuses are back to normal.  Though I continue making sure that no matter what I have at least 5 to 6 cups of good water a day!  I plan on continuing an extension of this regime for another week just to make sure I am in the clear.

I am a testament to healing my body naturally instead of taking the risk of using antibiotics that would not have cured me anyway because like I said, antibiotics work on a bacterial infection not the viral infection that I have.

Today is really my very first full day to work; it’s great to be back!

While detoxing your pneumonia, coughing up balls of mucous is “normal.”   To help keep your teeth, gums and the rest of your digestive track healthy, brush your teeth at least three times a day — who knows what’s in that mucous! — Let’s avoid finding out!

Spiritual folks say that attracting pneumonia is a reflection of the person experiencing deep grief and/or a death wish.  This couldn’t be more true for me.  This past Winter since end of November 2013, I have been grieving the loss of my parents.  Although my father passed 5 years ago this past December and my mother passed 3 years ago this July, in those years I was experiencing a lot of other major losses and adjusting to all the changes all at once.  This past year has been the first year in 7 years that I am just beginning to feel a bit settled down and I guess the grieving of my parents was delayed until this past Winter.

During this bout with Pneumonia, I realized at one point that I was grieving my parents because over the past three months, anytime anyone brought up the subject of their parents (who were still alive), I would cry silently.  I longed to talk to my parents.  I wanted to share the joy of their great-grandchildren (my grandchildren) together.  I wanted to see them having fun with my kids being parents.  I wanted my grand-children to get to know their great-grandparents and be old enough to remember them when they passed.  During my illness, there were many times I cried deeply as I remembered my parents.   Now, as I am closing in on healing myself of this illness that has plagued me intensely for the past three weeks, I know I am almost done with coughing up all the “grief” out of my lungs.  Letting go.

Sigh…We live and learn.

William and Irene Lampe walk the path along Twin Lakes enjoying the daisies – Juneau, Alaska – July 2007 — One day many years ago, before going out the door to walk the dog, Irene grabbed some of William’s packets of daisy seeds –  she spread the seeds along the Twin Lakes path. The daisies grew, spread their seeds and now many years later thanks be to Irene, we have big patches of daisies between the lakes and the old highway!

Good-bye Mom and Dad.  I sure miss you; I sure love you!