The modest front of the “UnCalendar” Lifestyle by People Systems

As you all must know by now, I like to have some sense of organization.  And if you have forgotten this or you don’t know, this UnCalendar is the BEST way for me to “keep it all together!”  If I fall apart at the seams it’s not because I’m emotionally distraught; it’s because I don’t have my Uncalendar!  Hello!?

Left page of the week…this is where I write down new plans, or extended old plans, bank deposit notes, projected income and/or IOU’s; it’s also where I write down a person, organization or business’ contact info (up in those left hand corner colored boxes)

I’ve been using these daily planners for the past 5 years.  As Christmas gifts, one of my daughters bought one for every woman in the family.  I think I am the only one that’s continued to remain anal.  They come in two colors:  red or blue.  And they come in two sizes (if I am not mistaken).  I used the 5 x 7 size for the first five years; this year I decided that I needed the 8 x 10…I decided that my plans this year were bigger than 5 x 7!

One of the best things about these planners is that there are no set dates, so you can start a daily planner at any time of the year…you fill in the blanks!  I like this kind of freedom.

There are other sections to the daily planner (i.e. month-at-a-glance, etc.) that I did not photograph for here  because they have been written in and I don’t particularly want to share my plans, notes, ideas, etc.

Right page of the week…This is where I write down my week’s goals and tasks; easy to visually navigate

If you’d like to purchase these fantastic daily planners, click here to the Uncalendar website, and begin your freedom to express your organizational abilities!