Buddy Tabor – Castle Valley, Moab, Utah – 2006 – I imagine that if he saw this particular photo, he may have used it for an album cover

I don’t think Buddy saw any of these photos I took of him. I think this series of photos in this blog entry he would have enjoyed seeing.  It’s been two years since his passing on February 5, 2012.  This blog entry is in honorable memory of him.

Buddy with friends Connie and Phil – 2006

Every year in the Falltime he would make his annual visit.  He always encouraged us to take a weekend trip somewhere in the Southwest.  One year he rented a real jeep and we went into Canyonlands National Park just south of Moab, Utah.  Gawd, what an adventure!  Something I had never done before or since!  The photos here in the Southwest were taken in Castle Valley, near Moab, Utah.

Buddy Tabor Running Rocks – Utah – 2006 – this could have been an album cover too

There are many of us across this continent who miss Buddy.  An unforgettable singer-songwriter gone with a blinding flash of light!

Buddy Tabor – 2006

Buddy Tabor with my lovebird, Kiwi – 2005 – though I’d like to think that this photo and the next could have been album covers too!

Buddy Tabor Bear – 2005 – this could have been an album cover for his 2nd children’s album!