A 1/4 slice of the “Resilience” Chilkat robe as of Friday, March 14, 2014 – woven by Clarissa Rizal

One of the most important challenges a Chilkat weaver encounters on a daily basis is creating the balancing act of the following:  taking care of other business (personal & business), making time with family, main relationship and friends, and making time for our health and well-being.  The past week has been challenging.  I just want to make sure I get the next section of weaving done (the Sealaska Corporation logo) by next weekend.  However, I’ve spent a day preparing for and partaking in a birthday for a grand-daughter, spent a day supporting a friend in a medical challenge, spent a day recouperating from both events, and spent another day dealing with the insurance/registration/wheels of a car, insurance/mortgage on the house, figuring out how to replace the washer machine when we don’t have the finances for another, attending a conference call and placing orders online for supplements.   That’s four days of no weaving; that is most frustrating when I am pressed with a deadline to complete this robe on time!

In the world of Chilkat weaving we just have to take a deep breath knowing fully well the robe will get done in time and say to ourselves:  C’est la vie!