Clarissa practices her voice lessons while weaving and exercising on the ball!

A few weeks ago, I bought this exercise ball with the intention that I would somewhat make an attempt to get back into shape.  Though I had every intention of “exercising” to which I still don’t just exercise, I used the ball while I was eating meals, while I was on the computer, while practicing voice lessons and reading.  Then it dawned on me that I could use it while weaving!!!  HELLO!!  This is one of the most important pieces of weaving equipment!  This is the perfect seat; it is just the right softness, provides perfect posture, moves side to side as you are weaving a long horizontal line, and all while toning up your muscles!  GO OUT AND BUY ONE NOW!!!

There are a variety of companies producing “body balls.”  They cost about $10 to $20.  Generally they are available in three sizes according to your size. Choose the one that is appropriate for your size and color preference – though sometimes you won’t have a color choice.

Generally all balls come with a pump in the package. The above photo shows the pump on the left and the un-inflated ball.

And then I remembered today that Crystal, one of my weaving students, had mentioned that she was going to buy either an ergonomic chair or an exercise ball; that was about a month ago; at 30 years old, she knows how to prepare herself for the best seat in town — golly, where have I been for the past 30 years weaving on a hard bench!?  Hello?  AND, we must remember that as we get older, let’s face it, our bums begin to lose their natural “padding!”  The body balls are THE answer for the rest of your weaving life!