Clarissa Rizal and apprentice Teahonna James – April 15, 2014

It’s nerve-wracking to weave a Chilkat robe in a total of 5 months, absolutely nerve-wracking.  Though when I have a student who lives an hour from me who is willing to make the drive and sleep in my studio to learn how to weave, that is a real plus for me to make the deadline —  and of course, it’s a plus for her because she gets to learn how many tricks-of-the-trade and how to weave a robe!  So the trade is perfect for both of us!

Teahonna James has shown a great dedication to herself and I in learning how to weave Chilkat.  She is totally committed, has a sense of balance and organizational skills and is a talented “expert” in weaving….but I’m not going to tell her that so we can avoid getting big-headed about it!  %^}  I appreciate having the gift of apprentices who squeeze Chilkat weaving in between the lines!   Recent apprentices Crystal Rogers and Vanessa Morgan are two others who do this too.

There are several other apprentices too from the distant past who have become strong weavers and teachers in their own communities.  I know my mentor and teacher of Chilkat, Jennie Thlunaut would be proud of them too.  There is a sense of peace knowing that I fulfilled my promise to Jennie; there is a sense of pride with the students knowing they are a major part of that promise.

Thank you, Teahonna; I appreciate you making the time and effort to come over the past couple of weekends to assist me in gettingerdun!