Clarissa’s mother Irene Loling Sarabia Lampe berry-picking at SueAnn’s home – My mother protected herself from the blood-sucking mosquitos; she wore two layers of clothing, fingerless gloves (before you could buy them in the store) AND a shower cap! — August 2001

One of the most favorite things to be and do with my mother was berry picking…We picked berries almost every August since I can remember filling up our freezers and jars until she was 80 (just 4 years after this photo was taken).  2005 was the last year we picked together; she decided that it was risky to be romping around in the forest even though she was very careful.  She was avoiding breaking a leg or worse yet, breaking a hip which she warned us to never do since at that age will be the downfall of one’s health.

For the past three years, Mother’s Day has been a day of both sorrow and joy.  Like any of us whose mother’s are one of our best friends for life, I miss her so I have my moments of sorrow; yet, at the same time, I am a mother to three great kids!  After our mother’s passing on July 4, 2011, I wrote a blog entry about my Mother; you may read and see more photos of her at:

I invite you to also read her obituary with historical photos at:  These photos include images of my Grandmother and Grandfather Mary and Juan Sarabia, childhood, etc.

Top: Clarissa’s parents William and Irene Lampe with first grandchild, 18-month-old son, Kahlil on father’s boat the “Clarissa Rizal”, Excursion Inlet, Alaska – July 1978 — Middle photos of Clarissa’s children: Kahlil, 5 yrs old; Lily, two yrs old; Ursala, one yrs old — Bottom photo: Clarissa, 2nd grade school photo

I am fortunate to be the mother of three fine kids; and my children are now parents!

Clarissa and her children Ursala, Lily and Kahlil in front of “Jennie Weaves An Apprentice” Chilkat robe – July 2011

I am blessed with four wonderful grandchildren with two more “waiting in the eaves” to be born this July and October!

Just got out of the movie theatre….Clarissa’s four grandchildren L to R: Elizabeth Hope and her brother, Louis, Violet Hudson and Amelie Haas — they make up the three clans of H’s: Hope, Hudson and Haas!

I have known for a very long time that I am one of the most wealthiest women I know.  My definition of  wealth is defined by my family, who we are, where we come from, who we be and what we do.  I wish you a very a Happy Mother’s Day,…today and always!