An illustration by Nobu Koch and Clarissa Rizal in Hannah Lindoff’s children’s book “Mary’s Wild Winter Feast”

Juneau author Hannah Lindoff first children’s book “Mary’s Wild Winter Feast” will be hot off the press and available to the public this coming September.   Illustrated by artists Nobu Koch and Clarissa Rizal, Hannah read the story during the weekend of “Celebration” at 11am on Friday, June 13th at the Juneau Public Library.   Lily Hope also told one of our T’akDeinTaan clan stories of “Salmon Boy”.  Sondra Simone Segundo read her book “Killer Whale Eyes”  Photos follow:

1HannahReadsWith the help of her daughter, Hannah reads her first children’s book “Mary’s Wild Winter Feast” to a full room at the Juneau Public Library, Juneau, Alaska.2FullRoom

3LilyHopeI was brought to tears when Lily Hope told our T’akDeinTaan Clan story “Salmon Boy” – if you have the chance to ever hear her tell this story, drop everything, attend and listen…!


Ketchikan Tlingit writer, Sondra Simone Segundo reads her very first children’s book “Killer Whale Eyes”

Thank you to all the parents and children who came out this morning to attend this storytelling event!  Thank you to the co-sponsors Juneau Public Libraries and the Sealaska Heritage Insititue.  Gunalcheesh!