Wolf and Eagle headdresses worn by the children of the KwaanlinDun First Nations during their performance

What is the Adaka Festival?  And where the heck is Whitehorse, Yukon Territory?  And why does Clarissa just talk about Yukon Territory all the time?


This child dancer with the mask and leather gloves danced like the old-timers going down with low bent knees and extended arms with hands fluttering: wow! Bought back memories of my elder teacher Harry K. Bremner, Sr. from Yakutat, Alaska


My oldest daughter Lily Hope and excellent carver friend William Callahan – one of the best young carvers in all of Yukon!


New Zealand Maori carver, singer, musician Lyonel Grant presented slides of his work – and Tahltan Tlingit carver Dempsey Bob with his granddaughter


William Callahan and the Smith/Walker family (Shawn, Ann and Brian)


Wayne Price tells the story behind the song he sang: the migration under the glaciers


My daughter Lily and the great uncle Wayne Price of Lily’s son, Louis…so does this mean I am related to Wayne? Hmmm….shoulda known!