The "Intenders Handbook" by Tony Burroughs

The “Intenders Handbook” by Tony Burroughs

Quoting author, Tony:  “The Mighty Manifesters — The purpose of this handbook is to help you make your life better.  The Intenders of the Highest Good will show you how to make your dreams come true easily and with the least amount of effort.  We’ve been practicing the ideas that are given in this handbook for several years and have found that the laws of manifestation work very efficiently for us when we do two simple things:  1.  We say our intentions out loud everyday; 2. We meet together with like-minded friends in an Intenders Circle once a week.

This is all that needs to be done for us to start getting everything that we desire out of life.  We must be willing to take a few moments away from our busy routines for these two important things (or something similar that may be called by another name) so that we can consciously turn our deepest desires into real-life experiences.  Otherwise, we will remain unempowered and at the mercy of the every changing world we live in.

To the men and women who can manifest whatever is needed in their lives, it doesn’t matter how scarce things appear to be or what the newspapers and TV are saying.  Self-empowered people simply observe the day-to-day challenges that are going on all around them, while manifesting a world of their own choosing – a world of peace and comfort.  They live happily because that’s what they’ve intended to do.”

You may wonder why I include a number of other things that do not seem to be directly related to the design and production of art (and music) on my blog.  My personal philosophy is that everything in my life affects everything else, no matter the topic, the breadth, the depth, the timing.  Creating art and music is my method of maintaining my self-sanity.  I don’t know about any other artists, but life is not a bowl of cherries all the time.  There are so many ups and downs of which we are not in control, and of course I cannot help but respond.  Art and music helps me to process the negative circumstances.  I also welcome methods of self-help processes.

This book is one of those items that not only validates what I have been naturally working on in my own personal life, the information expands my horizons of thinking and being.  I appreciate this.  I welcome the guidance and forthright words.

I came across this book last week while heading out the door at the doctor’s office; hey what’s that little book about?  The doc replied “…take a copy!”  I enjoyed the read so much, I decided this was something I wanted to share with anyone and everyone, especially my kids and close friends.  I called the number at the back of the book to make an order; it turns out that the author lives in this same little town out here in the mountains of Colorado!  Like what are the chances for that!?

AND when I met up with him to buy more copies of this book, we exchanged business cards and eventually he invited me to the local “Intenders Circle” held every Thursday night starting with a potluck meal…!  Am I going?  Well,…I normally shy away from consistent, organized, on-going “groups.”  I don’t know why I initially shy away from “organizations” but like I mentioned earlier, I intend on making changes in my life and this is one of those opportunities to make a change, right?  If I don’t like the group for whatever reason(s), I don’t have to go anymore!

Tony continues with “Reference Points”:  “From the beginning of the Intenders, we have been guided by three reference points.  A reference point for us is something that we know we can count on.  The courageous mariners of old knew all about using points of reference.  They would pick out certain starts, or a spot on the distant shoreline, and they would refer to these points when they wanted to know where they were and where they were going.  Likewise, we Intenders also want to know where we are going in our lives.

Our three main points of reference are:  1).  Our desires are in us to be fulfilled; 2. Our thoughts create our world; and 3). Our intentions must serve the highest and best good of the Universe, as well as the highest and best good of ourselves and others.”

Tony told a story of someone who had not stated the third intention of “must serve the highest and best good of the Universe…”  That importance of why we must include this 3rd intention in every one of our requests was summarized at the end of the story.   Fetch a copy of this book for yourself and you will understand why!

I will have limited copies of this little handbook available for sale at the Alaska-Juneau Public Market at Centennial Hall during Thanksgiving weekend in Juneau, Alaska.  Come by Booth #P-15 in the main hall !  They are only $4/book.

I will also have these books available for sale during any of my upcoming classes, and art markets coming up within this next year in 2015.

You may also order these little books directly from Tony by giving him a call at his toll-free number: 1-888-422-2420 or visit the website at:   Let go of your shyness; give him a call and order your book(s) – the guy is a warm, caring person… Tell him that Clarissa sent ya!