Chris Eyre, Native American film-maker presents Actress/Writer Shirley McLaine with a gift of a belt made by jeweler Randall Moore honoring her with the Lifetime Achievement Award

My friend Johana Moore’s son, David Moore, is one of two co-founders for the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival 6 years running.  Last week, Johana knew I was coming to Santa Fe for the weekend so she called me up the morning of my arrival and encouraged me to attend the 7pm ceremony honoring Shirley McLaine — she got me free tickets to attend the event which was followed by a recent heart-warming comedy featuring Shirley McLaine and Christopher Plummer in “Edie and Fred.”  The Lensic Theatre on West San Francisco Street was beautiful on the inside; I enjoyed the architectural design.  It was cool seeing Shirley in person; one of my favorite actresses, she just turned 80 in April this year – she sat in the audience with us!  Uncanny, like Chris Eyre looks exactly like all the photos of him!  Check out the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival on line.  And next year when you are in Santa Fe during mid-October, come join the fun!

And by the way, did y’all know that Shirley McLaine lives in Santa Fe?