Ku.eex’s vocalists: Nahaan, Clarissa Rizal, Om Jahari, Gene Tagaban, and Preston Singletary – December 2014


Gene Tagaban, Om Jahari, Hahaan


In the Engineers room with Randall Dunn, Preston Singletary, Gene Tagaban and Nahaan


Randall, the sound engineer, makes it all sound soooo gooooood!  All recordings are done at Avast(!) Sound Studios, Seattle, Washington

Our names and personalities are as individually artistic as our band name “Khu.eex” which means “potlatch” in Tlingit.     Preston called us together for the past three days to record the vocals with the already-recorded instrumentation.  We worked on the vocals in this band to sound like a chorus with two and three-part harmonies of many, many voices as if there is a large group of singers as we do in our traditional songs and dances.  In the olden days, our songs were always sung with harmonies; we want to inspire our traditional dance groups to bring this element back – I feel “Khu.eex” can be a powerful venue to help this intent.


Singer extraordinaire: Om Jahari

Om is the professional vocalist; the rest of us have sung (mainly our traditional songs) but we are not considered professional singers.  However, having Om on board helped “round us out!”  This is the first time the five of us have sung and recorded together; it was FUN!


Our fearless leader: Preston Singletary

I don’t know if Preston has been a prominent singer with all the bands he has been in over the years as a musician.  Khu.eex is his venue to begin to bring out his best voice.  Khu.eex is one of his longest-time, biggest dream coming true!  We who he has called together, are fortunate to share his dream.

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