Boarding the “MV Malaspina” of the Alaska Marine Highway, in Juneau, Alaska

Heading south for the Winter, I took my “Chilkat Mobile” filled with most of my artwork of prints, greeting cards, weavings, and supplies.  I have a full month ahead of me; once I arrive in Bellingham, Washington, on Friday, December 5th, I drive a bee line straight down to Portland, Oregon for my presentation at the Portland Art Museum.  I sure miss my parents; they would love to be on board with me.  Alas, I travel with me, myself and I.


Clarissa’s 1992 Toyota Corolla “Chilkat Mobile” – one of a pair of “His and Her” vehicles, once owned by Peggy Garrison – the other one still lives in Juneau, once owned by Peggy’s husband, Dick Garrison

After 4 days in Portland (I have another presentation at P.A.M. on Monday, December 8th), I drive North to Seattle for another recording session with “Ku.eex”, and then afterwards….well… just keep an eye to this blog because I will post my travels as I go along…


Leaving Ketchikan, Alaska–notice the Chilkat robe reflected in the window – leaving Chilkat country!

We sailed three full days from Juneau, Alaska to Bellingham, Washington.  These three days I relished because they were my first three days off I have had all year!  Seriously, I have had one deadline after another and then some for an entire year; it’s my time for just me now.  oh boy!   My cell phone rarely had service, so no texting either.  I wasn’t schlepping stuff here and there, no packing stuff in and packing stuff out.  I didn’t have to do any errands.  No Wi-Fi so no emailing or responding to emails; no bookkeeping, no researching on line for anything!  I just sat back and watched the scenery go by, quietly, peacefully, and no one knocking at the door!


Playing every “Rain” song on the ukelele Clarissa can think of, to the tune of leaving “Rain Country…”

I played ukelele every day.  I took a shower twice a day.  I had breakfast and lunch (from my cooler) in my room.  I drew every day.  I wrote every day.  I stretched and danced every day.   I stared out the window doing nothing sometimes for at least a  couple of hours every day.  Golly, it was so much fun doing the basics!


There were no more 2-berth staterooms, so Clarissa settled for a 4-berth — Clarissa spread out all her work on each berth: just like her studio, Clarissa had one berth for weaving, one for drawing, one for music, one for her “office”…luxury, simplicity, …spoiled rotten!

For those folks who have never been to Alaska, I always recommend that they travel by way of the ferry system out of Bellingham, WA or Prince Rupert, B.C.  It’s a great way to introduce one’s self out of the culture of the “Lower 48” into our unique culture in Alaska.  It’s also a great way for those of us from Alaska to ease our way to the “Lower 48” without too much culture shock.


Drawing a “seaweed” pattern for Chilkat weaving, while ocean-bound: the view changes every second…!