Stylus Pro Epson 7880 large format printer is for sale!I am selling my Epson Pro Stylus 7880 24″-wide Format Inkjet Printer that I have had for nearly 6 years and have barely used, not even 50 hours of use.  As part of the printer package, included is my  Shrinkwrap System.  I am whittling down my artistic activities and will eliminate the production and sale of Giclee Prints.  I am focusing my efforts on my Chilkat/Ravenstail weavings, button blankets, original paintings, and am returning to carving.

This excellent printer features:  24″ wide print carriage, roll or cut sheet paper, prints on thick media up to 1.5mm (silk, photo paper, watercolor paper, canvas, etc.), 8-channel MicroPiezo AMC print head, and UltraChrome K3 ink guaranteed 80 years from any fading.

Most refurbished printers run anywhere from $1800 to $2300, just for the printer.    I am asking $3280 for the entire printing package, which includes the printer ($2300), a 40′ roll of canvas ($300), rolls of other miscellaneous papers (no charge), set of inks ($400), maintenance tank ($50), Shrinkwrap system ($300), 16 sheets of 24×30″ black foam core ($80) and roll of Shrinkwrap ($150)

If you’d like to know more about these fabulous printers, you may check out a website at: