1/4″ strip of sea otter fur being looped through the top edge of a Chilkat robe

Sea otter fur is THE, or close to THE most warmest fur in the world with over 100,000 individual hairs per square inch!  Yes, there are tricks-to-the-trade of working with sea otter fur.

TO CREATE A FULLER-LOOKING BAND OF SEA OTTER FUR TRIM (follow these instructions):  After you have cut your 1/4″ strip to loop through your heading cord of your Chilkat or Ravenstail weaving, place your weaving on its front, with the WRONG SIDE FACING YOU!  Depending on the size of your warp, loop through every 2 to 3 warp ends, using an overhand stitch, from FRONT TO BACK.

With your large-eye tapestry needle, carefully, gently, work the fur out of the looped eye of the warp to distribute the fur evenly and cover up any signs of warp or heading cord.

Good luck following directions!