Yukonian and Alaskan Chilkat and Ravenstail weaving students hold their wooden “warp sticks” along with dancers wearing Chilkat and Ravenstail robes (“Diving Whale” Chilkat robe woven by Clarissa Rizal, “Copper Child” woven by Lily Hope & Clarissa Rizal, “Grandmother’s Time” Ravenstail robe woven by Ann Smith —  Kwaanlin Dun Cultural Center in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory – June 2013

Today, as I was doing some research on line about other Native American, Alaskan artists or Ravenstail and Chilkat weavers who may have blogs, I came across this article from Radio Canada International’s website:


Ann Smith and I taught this class nearly two years ago; she taught Ravenstail and I taught Chilkat.  It was a blast.  It feels real good to help inspire the local Yukon weavers to come back to their “woven” selves.  Ann and I met when we were young like most of these gals nearly 30 years ago.  Little did we know then that we would be helping to revive our nearly-lost weaving traditions.  Who woulda known, eh?