Blogging can happen anywhere you go as long as you have wifi -- photo from Blogcademy online!

Blogging can happen anywhere you go as long as you have wifi — photo courtesy from Blogcademy online!

Okay,…now who woulda thought there’d be lessons on how to blog!?!?  Never head of such a thing until my daughter Ursala approached me out of the blue and asked me what my intentions were with my blog.  Huh?  And then before I could answer she asked me if I wanted to make money by way of my blog.  Before I could answer she asked if I would like to learn how to be better at blogging.  Really?  Then she asked if I would like to take an online course in blogging by way of the Blogcademy.  Yep, folks.  There are classes on line or in person that you can take to learn how to make a living by way of blogging!  Even though I have very few competitors in my field since there isn’t a middle-aged Tlingit female artist who works in a variety of mediums, I have not figured out how I am going to make an income via my blog.

The three, young, female owners of this academy live in various parts of the world, who each make a living on their own separate blogs.  The come together to teach women how to blog, and how to make money blogging.

So I watched all 17 lessons the Blogcademy offered and took notes in the comforts of my own studio office while I finished spinning the last 100 yards of warp to begin weaving my next Chilkat robe!  I made mental note of all the things I had already been doing in my business of blogging.  And I wrote down the things that I needed to begin doing!  Some of them are:

  • Interesting photographs (I’ve decided when I have enough money, I will invest in a SLR camera; my iPhone just doesn’t hack it)
  • Keep blog post dates consistent (I intend to post 3x/week by midnight on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays)
  • Make a calendar log of the topics you can post date (I’ve got the perfect hard-copy calendar)
  • Create interesting titles for each blog post (Hmmm…this will be a challenge)
  • In your writings, “Talk” to your readers  (Their suggestion confirms the way I have already been talking)
  • Make a list of digital products that I can create and made for sale on my blog and website (In this next year, I am going to take up one of the teacher’s process that she did:  because she did not have the time and money to sit down and write her book which would have taken several months, she decided that she would write one chapter per month – at the end of the year, she was able to create a digital book available via her blog.  I will do the same.  I  will publish my own books through an on line publishing company; customers can buy directly on line and the books published on demand!)

Okay readers, let’s see how I do in the next few months to year!